Welcome to Micky's Cakes

We make special cakes for special people and occasions.

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Weddings, even divorces , anniversaries, christenings, bar mitzvah in fact any celebration is always better with cake.

Who can resist a beautifully crafted cake, richly decorated and filled with delicious ingredients

We are proud of :

  • Only using fresh ingredients sourced locally
  • Our association with other local producers
  • Our ability to meet our customers' needs be they a national company or an individual
  • Our 5 star hygiene certificate for 5 years running

About Us

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Trained as a pastry chef, Micky has turned baking into an art.

Micky has been baking since she left catering college in 1990. Starting out as a pastry chef she soon found herself cooking for royalty and celebrities at Windsor.

Since then she has made cakes for national companies' special occasions as well as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc etc

Micky says

We treat all orders as though we were making the cake for our own special occasion, no matter how large or small.

Our Services


No matter how large or small your special occasion is, it is still special to us.

We aim to provide the same care and attention to detail no matter how large or small the cake/s. Be it a multi-tiered fruit cake, a cupcake tower or a one-off special

Service List

  • Wedding cakes - multi-tiered, cupcake towers, giant cupcakest
  • Birthdays - any theme or subject is possible along with any type of filling and decoration.
  • Company special occasions or functions - styled to your design or company logo.
  • Baby showers, divorces (yes some people do celebrate them), religious ceremonies, the choice is yours.

Giant Cupcakes

Image 2A massive cupcake with a sponge and filling of your choice (have you tried white chocolate chip with a raspberry jam filling? Yum!)
Covered in a butter icing and decorated to your choice

Piggy mudbath

Image 3

A chocolate indulgence !

A triple layer chocolate sponge with chocolate fondant and then smothered in chocolate frosting.

Baby Shower

baby shower

Multi-layer chocolate mousse cake (or whatever cake you prefer) covered in pink and blue frosting ideal for the baby shower party.

Contact Us

The samples we have shown are just that, a small sample of the wide variety of cakes we produce. For more information please contact us.

Mailing Address
13 Blenheim Close,
Farnham GU10 1BW
Tel: 01252 333920

Thank you

Thank you for your email. We try and answer all emails within 24 hours but sometimes, if we are heavily committed to projects there may be a short delay. Please rest assured that your comments or enquiries are very important to us and we will do our utmost to answer you as soon as possible.